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Our math teachers are utilizing more technology in their classrooms through a variety of ways to meet 21st century technology goals. We are utilizing different methods of teaching and learning such as using technology driven instruction.


The Holt McDougal and Pearson Algebra Online Textbooks and Online Assessments are being used to assist students with their learning. Students are able to access their textbooks online and use the interactive features that are offered throughout the website. 


Along with the textbook tools, many of the math teachers at Walter O. Krumbeigel Middle School have been utilizing a variety of different online tools including:

  • Teacher Toolbox - an interactive and lets the teacher target specific skills and can be used for small group or whole class learning
  • Boardworks - an interactive software that can be modified as the lesson progresses to demonstrate different examples
  • Google Classroom - a web based platform that allows students to answer questions online and to submit their work from any computer.
  • Moby Max and IXL - used in math lab and regular math classes, these two programs test student’s math skills and identify strengths and weaknesses


The middle school math department has been analyzing PARCC data released from the previous year. This data is used to target areas of concern in student learning. The data is also used by teachers to assess the effectiveness of their delivery system in order to improve staff performance as well as student learning.  PARCC like questions have been incorporated into assessments and lesson plans. One online tool used to create and customize interactive presentations that include these PARCC like questions is Nearpod.




2019 Math Curriculum Grades-K through 6th 

2019 Math Curriculum Grade-1

2019 Math Curriculum Grade-2

2019 Math Curriculum Grade-3

2019 Math Curriculum Grade-4

2019 Math Curriculum Grade-5

2019 Math Curriculum Grade-6

K-8 Math Standards

6th Grade Math Curriculum

6th Grade Honors Curriculum

6th Grade Math Lab

7th Grade Math Curriculum

7th Grade Math Curriculum Honors

7th Grade Math Lab Curriculum

8th Grade Math Curriculum

8th Grade Algebra 1 Curriculum

8th Grade Math Lab Curriculum

Algebra 1 CP Grades 8 and 9


The following textbooks are currently being used:

K to 5- every day math

Grade 6 – Holt McDougal Mathematics Level 1

Grade 7 – Holt McDougal Mathematics Level 2

Grade 8 – Holt McDougal Mathematics Level 3

Algebra 1 – Pearson Algebra 1 Textbook







More resources are available in the links to the curriculum.




Students can always find resources on this page as well as their classroom teachers’ pages.  They are issued usernames and passwords to utilize any available programs.

Mathematics is an excellent forum for students to develop the thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to be a life-long learner. The math curriculum was designed to foster students' natural curiosity by encouraging all students, regardless of gender, economic status, or cultural heritage, to develop the ability, confidence, and motivation to succeed academically. Everyday Math is utilized in grades K-5 and the program is aligned with the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards.  The program is committed to providing integrated learning experiences that will engage children and empower them to feel a sense of control over their own lives. Once enabled to problem solve, communicate, and access information, these students will be prepared to be contributing members of society. The ultimate goal of mathematics curriculum reform is to achieve mathematical literacy for all students.      


If you have questions or comments, please reach out to the K to 8 Math Supervisor, Ms. Nagwa Fayed  908-352-7664 ext. 4456 (