Math Supervisor-High School

Obinna Emenaka
Vice Principal

Mathematics is an excellent forum for students to develop the thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to be a life-long learner. The math curriculum was designed to foster students' natural curiosity by encouraging all students, regardless of gender, economic status, or cultural heritage, to develop the ability, confidence, and motivation to succeed academically. Everyday Math is utilized in grades K-6 and the program is aligned with the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards.  The program is committed to providing integrated learning experiences that will engage children and empower them to feel a sense of control over their own lives. Once enabled to problem solve, communicate, and access information, these students will be prepared to be contributing members of society. The ultimate goal of mathematics curriculum reform is to achieve mathematical literacy for all students.      


If you have questions or comments, please reach out to the High School Math Supervisor, Mr. Obinna Emenaka 908-352-7664 ext. 8402 (  


Algebra 1 CP Curriculum Grades 8-9


Algebra 2 CP Grades 10 and 11


Calculus Grade 12


Geometry CP Grades 9 and 10




Precalculus CP Grades 11 and 12


Trig. Functions & Statistics CP Grades 11 and 12