Visual and Performing Arts

Art is basic and essential to the general education of students in the Hillside Township Schools.  It is vital in nurturing the quality of life of all students. Courses focus on the individual artist’s ability to utilize skills, think creatively and solve problems in order to develop their own beliefs and values through the visual arts. It is our aim to guide the students into experiences that will extend their understanding of the world around them and provide tools with which to navigate.


The Music staff values the importance of music in all children’s lives.  We strive to provide opportunities for musical comprehension which create a strong foundation for personal growth within the learning community.  These fundamental skills become the framework for successful involvement within the wide variety of musical ensembles that are offered in grades four through twelve.  At all levels, artistic excellence is the primary goal.


integrity of the Dance curriculum depends on developing a student’s ability to communicate in a way that is different from the written or spoken word, or even from other visual or auditory symbol systems. Dance develops a heightened awareness of self, others and the world in which one lives providing a joyful experience involving the intellect, the emotions and the body. Dance is a celebration of life, tradition, socialization, therapy, ethnic expression and communication.


Dance is movement, visually organized in space and time. The way a dance shapes movement defines the critical attributes of its style, genre, and place in the history of dance. A dancer’s skills and techniques are often based on tradition and passed down from one generation to the next. Nonetheless, dance is in a constant state of self-definition. Dancers, choreographers, and all those involved in studying and performing dance take part in defining and reinterpreting the art form.


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