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Payroll Assistant: Tyisha Arrington
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Insurance Carrier and FORMS


Benecard Enrollment/Change Form

Delta Dental Enrollment/Change Form



Waiver of Health Benefits


If you have health, prescription or dental coverage through another source, you may wish to waive coverage through the Hillside Board of Education for a cash payout. 

If you  elect to waive your District health benefits in exchange for a cash payment, you must complete the wavier form found in this folder.

Coverage of Young Adults through the Dependent Under 31 Law

Coverage of Young Adults through the Dependent Under 31 Law L

To increase the options for young adults to obtain or maintain health coverage and have better access to health care services, the New Jersey Legislature enacted P.L. 2005, c. 375, and then revised it effective in 2009 (if interested, see sections 29 through 35 of P.L. 2008, c. 38).  The law is sometimes referred to as the Dependent Under 31 (DU31) law or the DU31 election, because the law permits young adults to continue coverage or become covered under a parent’s group health plan as an over-age dependent until the young adult’s 31st birthday.

A young adult may use the DU31 election right to:

  • continue coverage under a parent’s group health benefits plan, when the young adult is “aging-out” of that parent’s coverage; or
  • become covered under a parent’s group health benefits plan, so long as the young adult has had coverage at some time in the past.

Details of the DU31 and enrollment applications are found in this folder.

Payroll FORMSNeed Payroll Forms?

This folder contains the most commonly requested payroll forms - you can print and submit these forms at any time to payroll.

  • Federal W-4 
  • NJ W-4
  • Direct Deposit Authorization
  • E-mail Direct Deposit Authorization
  • Direct Deposit E-mail Requirement

  • Employee Personal Data Change Form

Chapter 78, P.L. 2011: Pension and Health Care Benefit Changes


Governor Christie signed Chapter 78, P.L. 2011 into law, effective June 28, 2011. This law provides for changes to the manner in which the State-administered retirement systems* operate and to the benefit provisions of those systems. The law also changes the manner in which the State-administered Health Benefits Programs* operate and the employee contribution and benefit provisions of those programs.

Open this folder for additional information and for a worksheet you can use to calculate your health benefits contribution.

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