Language Arts

Lois Bohm
Language Arts Supervisor K-12




The mission of the Hillside Public School’s English Department is to guide  students to view themselves as writers and readers, making connections between their literary experiences and their own personal lives.  Our students will learn to read critically, communicate clearly, to value evidence and understand how reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and language are intertwined. Our goal is to motivate students to become lifelong readers and learners.

 Elementary- The Hillside Township School District’s K-6 Language Arts curriculum aligns with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  The presentation of the interrelationship of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing is a dynamic interactive process.  Through the use of direct instruction, modeling, practice and application, and quality literature, the students will develop the skills necessary to be active listeners, thoughtful readers, critical thinkers, effective communicators, and collaborators.  The language arts curriculum embraces the values of "Readers & Writers Workshop" and allows students to explore the many components that construct the richness of language and the many genres through which authors express ideas about the world. 


Middle School-  The Language Arts program requires students to think critically, creatively and strategically.  Students grow intellectually, socially and emotionally as they develop a broad range of writing skills and strategies.  Students develop the skills they need to flourish in adult society (critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity) and discover the benefits that come with communicating well through speech and writing.  Practicing each stage of the writing process facilitates the opportunity for students to use writing to explore their ideas and feelings and to analyze their writing.  They also continue to refine their research skills and their command of standard written English.   All of their writing experiences help students to learn to evaluate their writing as a product and as a mode of thinking.


High School- We believe that all students deserve an education that encompasses the multi-talents and multi-intelligences of our student body.  They deserve to be surrounded by a culture of high expectations and a rich array of options for the future.  The electives of the English department offer varied educational experiences that may define pathways for future careers or opportunities to explore personal aspirations and interests.  

If you have questions or comments, please reach out to the Language Arts Supervisor, Mrs. Lois Bohm 908-352-7664 ext. 8456 - or the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. James Bevere at  908-352-7664 ext. 6458 -

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