Hillside Student Highlights




Highlights at Hurden Looker


 This week is National RESPECT week.  Hurden Looker celebrated RESPECT week each day with an event to encourage students to give/ or show each other respect. Students and staff participate in these activities in various ways. Some of these activities included Blue Out Day. Student were encouraged to wear blue that represents Anti-Bullying. Another activity was aerial shots taken of the students forming each letter in the word RESPECT. We had Let Respect Shine In- by wearing bring colors, Kindness is Classy- Dress to Impress, students dressed up for the day and Sock It to Bullying, and everyone was encouraged to wear crazy socks.




shine         dress

Let Respect Shine In                                                         Dress to Impress!!!


Hillside Enrichment Students (HEP) continue to maintain the HL garden as well as begin their work to create their own notebook to be used in class by binding the pages, creating their pages on the computer (Graphic Design), and using crosscut and 3D printing. The students are designing their note pages on the computer and the theme is carried throughout the book.  After the pages are designed, students will stich the pages together (Kettle Stitch). The materials and equipment used to create these notebooks are all found in our Maker Space Room at Hurden Looker. Some of items include: Brit + Co printable covers, printer paper, card stock, embroidery floss, cutting mat, 3D Printer, awl as well as other items.



Hillside High School Student Highlights



Senior Shadon “Oodie” Willis has a positive reputation that precedes him both on and off of the football field. As a Starter for the Hillside High School Varsity Football Team, Oodie exudes sportsmanship and dedication, and was the winner of the Jersey Sport Zone Week 4 Top Play for his performance in the Hillside v Bernards game. Within HHS, Oodie is a leader in the way he is accepting and inclusive of all he meets.




Senior Mateus Ramos has started off his 2018-19 academic year as the September Student of the Month, President of the Hillside High School Student Council, Co-Captain and Starter of the Hillside High School Varsity Football Team. To make him even more of a well rounded young man, Mateus is enrolled in four Advanced Placement classes and one Honors class. Mateus is a shining example of a Hillside High School student who is leading by example.


HHS Students of the Week



Junior Vilma Martinez is an active and involved member of the Hillside High School community. During October’s acknowledgement of Hispanic Heritage Month, Vilma has been the voice of the school’s Hispanic community during the morning announcements, sharing information and Hispanic culture with her peers. When in class, Vilma shares her well-thought out ideas in a respectful and intelligent way that leads the class toward thought-provoking discussion. Knowing and interacting with Vilma is truly a delight!




Jeremiah Monteiro currently has an A average in his classes as a Junior, and spends the morning at Union County Vocational Technical Institute to pursue his interest in Criminal Justice. His meaningful and insightful contributions to class discussions reflect his interest in promoting a positive school culture and his interest in his academic pursuits. Further evidence of Jeremiah’s commitment to his academic success are reflected in his excellent completion of his English Summer Reading assignment.








WOK's Students of the Week are:


Rebeca Souza - Rebeca is a 7th grader who is new to WOK.  Recently she served as an unofficial ambassador for a new student who did not speak any English.  For almost a week Rebeca volunteered to escort this student to her classes and assist the student in learning the routines and the building at WOK.  Rebeca's helpfulness and positive attitude demonstrate the character we seek to develop at the middle school.


Joan Eniaiyeweu -- Joan is a 7th grader who is a member of WOK's cross country team.  She placed 4th at her first cross country meet against Union.





AP Morris "Bee" of the Month


Summer Bosire-Quintero is a Pre-K student in Mrs. Arcuni’s class. This past month the class focused on the character education trait of responsibility.  Summer was responsible for the entire month and was chosen as the class “Bee of the Month.”


                apm kid



A Narrative of a Students Experience on Her First Day of School,

Written by: Her Preschool Inclusion Classroom Teachers.


On the first day of school  in the large, loud and busy AP.Morris/Early Childhood Center Auditorium. Rahima Muhammad came in very shy, a little nervous and timid. As she came into our Preschool Inclusion class, Rahima was eager to learn and knew what was expected of her right away. Rahima knows the schedule of the classroom. After she completed the Preschool Assessments, Rahima knows many letters, sounds and numbers. We are very eager to see Rahima Muhammad grow academically and socially through the course of the year!

Mrs.Burkat and Mrs.Hardy



Ms. Jackson Student of the Month: Kenneth Abankwa Dako is a responsible Pre k scholar.  He  follows our everyday rules and loves to help his teachers and classmates.  He was given the honor of being the" Bee of the Month" for September .Kenneth loves to listen to stories and  shows enthusiasm when building his magnificent structures,using  legos.  He  also  participates in many of out competitive  recess activities such as playing basketball and running  relay races.



Johanan Soto with his bright smile is an outstanding addition to Mrs. Greenblatt and Mrs. Crescitelli’s Pre-K 4 class. Jojo as he is called by his friends, joined the AP Morris family when he turned three last year. Jojo was determined to achieve grade level benchmarks. He mastered 100% of his letters and 95% of his letter sounds. With the excellent partnership between home and school, Johanan mastered 100% of the Pre-K sight words. We are very proud of Johanan and look forward to hearing more about his achievements.






01  02

03  04


During the first four weeks of school year, Janiya Womack, Nylah Garnett, Xavion Silva, and Bryan Gonzalez were selected by staff to be the JET’S UPSTANDER OF THE WEEK for standing up to behaviors that causes bullying.  They were given three tickets to go to a Jets home game.  Their images were tweeted on CalvinCoolidgeHillside@RahimGraham2 and displayed on the Metlife Stadium’s Jumbotron during Jets home games.




GW Jag-Stars



George Washington hosted several character education assemblies to welcome our students into the 2018-2019 school year and to introduce our school-wide theme, "The GW Jag-Stars."  The students were given information on the activities and incentives put into place to promote a positive school climate, as well as our anti-bullying policies.


Various teams from Hillside High School, Rutgers University and Kean University spoke to our children on the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, hard work and commitment to your team which includes your classmates, your school and your community.









We only have one Student of the Week for last week, and it is Juleanna Santos, 8th grader.


This past Saturday 21 WOK 8th graders and 4 parents participated in NJIT’s Real World Connections (RWC) Open House.  This program, which has students working in teams on real-world problems, is designed for high schoolers, so our youngsters are the only middle schoolers there.  Students work in teams with NJIT college and graduate student coaches in one of these tracks:  CSI and Film, Game Development, Android App Development, Novice Web Development, Advanced Web Development, Building PCs, and Intro to Programming.  For 8 weeks students engage in problem-/project-based learning and then present to industry people and families in a showcase.  Our WOK students did so well at this open house that our very own Juleanna Santos was chosen as CEO of RWC’s executive board; on the spot candidates had to give speeches as to why they should have certain roles and student participants voted and Juleanna was elected as CEO of the executive board.





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