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Dr. Antoine Gayles


July 1, 2016

Dear Hillside Community,


It is with great enthusiasm that I join you as Superintendent of Schools.  I am grateful for the warm reception I received at the 100 Voice tribute concert to Stevie Wonder on May 21st.  We came together in unity to celebrate the legacy of a musical genius, delivered by our talented students.  It is my honor to become a part of this great community.


During the interview process, Board of Education members impressed upon me their deep commitment to excellence.  I believe that upgraded facilities, the latest tools, effective, caring staff and rigorous instruction lay the foundation for student success.  To support our students’ growth towards becoming self-directed learners, a few of the initiatives and projects for the upcoming year include:


  1. A District-wide Chromebook initiative and professional development
  2. Facility upgrades at George Washington elementary school and the high school
  3. STEM training at the high school.  


Our goal is to prepare students with the necessary skills to create and shape a future that is only limited by their imagination.  


As we move forward, building a Pathway to Excellence will require careful planning with clear goals.  A willingness to be flexible, evolve and grow will also be essential to meeting the needs of each student.  Therefore, it is important that we be good stewards of each other by seeking first to understand one another, share our collective expertise and offer words of encouragement. 


In 1998 I received my first administrative position with the Orange Township Public School District.  As a steward to cultivate young minds, I was filled with excitement and a tremendous sense of responsibility.  Eighteen years later I am a little wiser and still bring the same enthusiasm; energy and passion for helping our students create ambitious goals, become independent learners and reach their highest aspirations. 


As a community, each one of us plays an important role in helping our students become productive citizens in this global economy.  As a collective body, we have the opportunity to inspire and to make a difference.  I am privileged to take this spirited journey with you, to learn and grow alongside you for the benefit of our students.


Effective communication and accessibility are paramount to our progress.  Therefore, beginning in September and continuing through the year, I will host a series of community forums titled Ask the Superintendent.  This will give me an opportunity to learn more about you and allow you to get to know me.  Specific dates and times will be posted on the website and in the schools by the end of August.  In the interim, please feel free to contact me anytime at


I look forward to working with you and wish you all a safe, happy summer.



Dr. Antoine L. Gayles