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pic H-L Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Hi everyone, here is  a new link for our school's  breakfast and lunch menus, this link will update to the new month automatically at the start of each month.  If you wish to see the next month’s menu before the month begins, there is an option on the menu to select.


Student of the Month

smiley Student of the Month Octobersmiley

Third Grade

Jordan Lovett- Derflinger
Emmanuel Obeng-Fernades
Nathan Jovinski- Gieger
Damien Asamoah-Gruszka
Chloe Lewis- Hamilton
Sheldon Gibbs III- Nardone
Daniel Lopes-Rodgers
Matthew Ferreira-Westervelt

 Fourth Grade

Rensh Dascelin-Anderson
Genesis Wyatt-Crisanaz
Eduarda Magalhaes-Davis
Alexa Pichardo- Galvez
Joshua Onion- Selis
Aiden Delpeche- Stuart
Jaelyn Lovett-Ulzheimer
Darren Johnson- Williams



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