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Christine Sidwa


Meet the High School Principal, Christine Sidwa:


I grew up in Elizabeth and graduated from Kean University with a Bachelor degree in Elementary Education.  My first job was teaching 2nd grade students at Christ the King School in Hillside.  Three years later I returned to school fulltime and earned a post baccalaureate degree in Mathematics along with my K-12 Mathematics teaching certificate.  In 1985 I was hired in the Hillside school district to teach math at the 7th and 8th grade level at George Washington School.  Four years later, due to an organizational change within the district, I was transferred to W.O.K. and taught 8th grade math for 5 years.  In 1994 I requested a transfer to the high school where I taught math for 6 years before being promoted to Vice Principal in 2000.  Five years later I was transferred and promoted to Principal at George Washington School where my career began in Hillside.  Following the resignation of the high school Principal in June 2013, I was asked to take over the high school where I currently serve with pride in this, my 35th year in Hillside!!!!!!!!!!!!



My philosophy is as follows:

All students CAN learn and BE successful.

Their future is based on the student’s ability to change and grow.  All high school graduates should be able to be creative problem-solvers and effective communicators they should also commit to being lifelong learners.  Students should also know how to use and understand technology, work efficiently in group situations and become responsible and involved citizens. 

The personal growth of our students is up most important, for without growth there can be no learning.  Appropriate learning takes place through various experiences, learning should be designed to lead students from practical issues to theoretical principles.  Learning also occurs when the students freely engage in making choices while balancing personal responsibilities and the consequences of their actions.  It is our role as educators to present values, principles and reasons to the students and encourage them to examine the choices before making them.

There is a diverse learning style between students and we provide various strategies to make learning accessible to all students.  My goal is to help my students grow academically, morally and socially to ensure they are successful lifelong learners.


Hillside High School’s Mission Statement:


In partnership with the greater Hillside community, Hillside High School will support the development of active thinkers/leaders and celebrate student achievement and accomplishment. Promoting a positive school culture, Hillside High School will encourage citizenship through innovative teaching and learning in a global economy.


Hillside High School’s Vision Statement:


Hillside High School students will take the initiative to become respectful citizens, creative problem solvers and inspirational leaders who will be equipped with the skill to compete in an ever-changing global economy. 


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